My Granddad brought his family to Brighton on summer day trips, to escape a drab post-war London. He found utopia in a pot of cockles, a deck chair and a bottle of light ale. I found a utopia of my own in a city with broad horizons, which is what inspired me to set up a studio here in 2010.

Having gained a wealth of experience in agency-land, we pull on this knowledge to offer creative solutions across a variety of brand challenges. We believe in simple, direct communication and apply this to print, screen and environmental design.

Please take some time to look at the work and give us a call.

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    Zoe Jordan

    The Irwin and Jordan label had been enjoying some well earned success, having been a BFC/ELLE Talent Launch Pad award recipient in 2010 and highlighted by industry Bible WWD as one to watch in 2011. With interest growing, Zoë found herself needing to consolidate the brand identity, not least to address the naming issue which had become confusing since the split of the original partnership. The brief for the Zoë Jordan brand identity would be to reflect the androgyny of the tailored simplicity within the collections.


    A simple evolution of the Irwin and Jordan logotype was developed in order to keep some brand continuity and help the transition into the new Zoë Jordan brand. The colours and extended brand pallet would be developed to reflect the more sophisticated personality of the new brand. Oranges and yellows would be exchanged for more muted tones and supported by antique metallics and textured surfaces. A monogram was developed as a brand mark to be used in conjunction with the logotype. The previous supporting illustration style has been swapped out for a more sophisticated repeat pattern in the form of a custom dogtooth which will be used in product detailing and lining fabrics.