My Granddad brought his family to Brighton on summer day trips, to escape a drab post-war London. He found utopia in a pot of cockles, a deck chair and a bottle of light ale. I found a utopia of my own in a city with broad horizons, which is what inspired me to set up a studio here in 2010.

Having gained a wealth of experience in agency-land, we pull on this knowledge to offer creative solutions across a variety of brand challenges. We believe in simple, direct communication and apply this to print, screen and environmental design.

Please take some time to look at the work and give us a call.

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    u by UMBRO

    Umbro invited Exposure to help develop and launch a youth focused street wear brand which would include name generation, brand positioning and visual identity. As the brand grew we were tasked to develop the visual theme through the following seasonal shoot to feel more authentic. The relationship collimated through to a third season which required us to push the brand into a more gritty space reflecting a more honest portrayal of British youth culture.


    Umbro’s roots are deeply steeped in English football and so we used this as the focus of the brand positioning. u by Umbro was developed as a brand name reflecting the individuality of the British youth culture. True. British. Sharp. was then developed as a strapline to add gravitas to the brands heritage. The first seasonal lookbook was developed as a simple studio concept that was supported by a location shoot at a fair ground (the classic stomping ground of British youth tribes). Elements of the fairground were then brought into the studio and abstracted by spraying them white, so giving the colourful collection ultimate stand-out. Photographer, Alan Clarke was used to bring the concept to life.

    For the Spring Summer seasonal shoot we decided upon a location shoot in an inner London council estate. Candid set-ups were captured in and around the estate including playing fields that pay reference to Umbro’s heritage. Photographer, Tara Darby was used to bring this story to life, juxtaposing her gentle style with the hard edge of the location.

    For the Autumn Winter shoot we followed on with a fly on the wall approach and chose a gritty gig location to bring the Autumn Winter collection to life. We cast a band and their entourage through Myspace, and chose the Electrowerkz venue to create an environment that reflected the energy of our kids on a night out. Emanuel Almbourg was chosen for his ‘shoot from hip’ approach adding authenticity to the shots.