My Granddad brought his family to Brighton on summer day trips, to escape a drab post-war London. He found utopia in a pot of cockles, a deck chair and a bottle of light ale. I found a utopia of my own in a city with broad horizons, which is what inspired me to set up a studio here in 2010.

Having gained a wealth of experience in agency-land, we pull on this knowledge to offer creative solutions across a variety of brand challenges. We believe in simple, direct communication and apply this to print, screen and environmental design.

Please take some time to look at the work and give us a call.

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    NVNC is a new men’s wear brand created by Mauro Moretti and Filippo Fanini. The brands creative energy comes from Filippo who divides his time between his position as designer at Ferragamo and Creative Director of NVNC. Based in their home town of Torgiano, Umbria, a town renown for it’s quality leather production, Filippo’s father has developed a new leather production technique that they have patented as ‘Edmos’. The technique is loosely based on transforming off-cuts into new hides – “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. It is this unique scientific approach coupled with the Italian heritage that sits at the heart of the brand personality and was to form the central thread of the brief.


    The word mark was developed to reference the classicism of the brand’s Italian heritage. The colour pallet and secondary font recommendation was to bring more of a contemporary twist to the identity. Collaborations with other creative partners have been planned for the development of future marketing collateral.