My Granddad brought his family to Brighton on summer day trips, to escape a drab post-war London. He found utopia in a pot of cockles, a deck chair and a bottle of light ale. I found a utopia of my own in a city with broad horizons, which is what inspired me to set up a studio here in 2010.

Having gained a wealth of experience in agency-land, we pull on this knowledge to offer creative solutions across a variety of brand challenges. We believe in simple, direct communication and apply this to print, screen and environmental design.

Please take some time to look at the work and give us a call.

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    Interior Folk

    Emma Kewley is an interior designer who has established a notable reputation throughout a career spanning 20 years. She set up Interior Folk to focus on residential and boutique commercial work.

    Her audience are high net worth individuals who have an interest in art, design and fashion and have the personal wealth to satisfy their creative desires.

    Interior Folk needed a visual identity that would frame this offering and reflect Emma’s design aesthetic and magnify it’s appeal in the eyes of her target audience.


    The convention for hanging the proprietors name above the door didn’t sit with Emma’s design philosophy and so Interior Folk was born, creating separation from her competitors and reflecting her philosophy that an interior should be built around the people that inhabit it.

    We developed the brand identity around this philosophy and placed folk at the heart of the logo, or more literally in the interior of the ‘O’, creating a space for folk to exist. The word marque can then be abbreviated with a more succinct logo, the rational being that the containing ‘O’ represents the Interior rather than the word.

    The brand identity was applied with simplicity across print & screen with a paired down colour pallet that wouldn’t conflict with the variety of design solutions that would be housed on the website.